What essential functions should a good leisure monitor have?

The profession of leisure time monitor is on the rise and is one of the most important when we ask ourselves who our children, cousins or grandchildren will be with during their school or leisure time. We know that leisure time instructors are in charge of taking care of, educating and promoting the personal growth of the students, mixing fun and learning, but to what extent do we know which tasks a good leisure time instructor should perform? Anybody can be a good leisure coach? What are their functions and requirements because we consider them to be good monitors?

Not all monitors work in the same way

Each of us, in our own tasks, has our own style of working. This is an individual quality and that is why we cannot be compared to anyone else because we all work in a different and unique way. This is also the case in the world of monitoring. Each monitor has a style and must have enough personality to treat the children and get the most out of each one of them. A good monitor is one who knows how to adapt to any environment and manage any conflicts that may arise.

What should be their main functions?

  • To be with the students, accompanying them on their school journey towards personal growth and maturity.
  • To have pedagogical qualities so that children and young people have a reference model in their monitor.
  • To promote the union, understanding and communication of the whole group.
  • To regulate their good functioning and to know how to solve the possible conflicts that could exist.
  • The educator must watch over their learning process and make them feel at ease in an environment different from the one they have in their daily routines.
  • The tutor must be self-taught, since he or she must develop the activities that will be carried out, facilitate the learning of all the students and achieve a good working rhythm among all the students.

The main function of a monitor is to educate


What personality should a good leisure monitor have? Anyone can be a good tutor? What should be his or her qualities?

The tasks that a leisure monitor has to do are many and of very diverse but his function, mainly, is to educate. A school monitor is a professional who accompanies the students and has to help them on their way to adult life by providing them with the necessary tools to know how to develop well in their future professional stage.

A good monitor is not what is imposed and decides at all times the activities that will be done and where they will be done. It is very normal that children and young people -especially when they are starting to get older- want to give their opinion and make their proposals. The monitor must know how to take these students, take advantage of all their potential and make them feel accompanied by the tutor at all times. A good monitor should not decide everything, but neither should he or she let the child be in charge. Authority is never good either for the expert or for the pupil.

During the leisure stays, outings or camps, situations will appear that perhaps the leisure monitor does not know how to master but it is at these moments when he will have to improvise and when it will be possible to see if he is able to manage a diverse group and achieve the balance of the group of children.

It is very important that children trust him because it is the only way to have a healthy relationship. In this way, the child or young person will have a feeling of belonging to the group and will know that they are important. When we feel free and autonomous, we give much more of ourselves and encourage learning. This also happens with children and in them perhaps a little more because their brain is much more connected to growth and learning.

As in any group of people, there must be rules that everyone must respect. But how can you get students to follow rules and feel autonomous and comfortable in their group? By example. The leisure instructor, besides being a good professional, must be intelligent and look for the best way to make the student feel safe at his side.

Like any professional in the education sector, the leisure time monitor is a fundamental figure in the growth of the students and one of their duties is to ensure that the children have a critical view of society, an opinion formed with solid arguments and are aware of the reality that surrounds them. This will make them feel important and will be one of the bases for entering the adult world.


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