Ten Qualities of Leadership

  1. Leaders COMMUNICATE A VISION that captures the imagination and commitment of others.
  2. Leaders CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT that promotes self-motivation and self-control among followers.
  3. Leaders SET HIGH PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS that they consistently model by their own actions.
  4. Leaders POSSESS A RELATIVELY CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE APPROACH that engenders trust and support.
  5. Leaders UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF SHARING the recognition and rewards of success.
  6. Leaders SEEK AND NURTURE NEW IDEAS themselves, and especially from others.
  7. Leaders TRANSFORM IDEAS INTO ACTIONS that benefit their organizations and society.
  8. Leaders are VISIBLE AND ACCESSIBLE to others, fostering a mutual exchange of ideas, information, and ideals.
  9. Leaders RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN LIMITATIONS by relying on others to share the load.
  10. Leaders PREPARE for ongoing challenges BY GROMMING SUCCESSORS.

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