In the term “SCOUTING” is meant the work and attributes of backwoodsmen, explorers, and frontiersmen.

In giving the elements of these to boys and girls, we supply a system of games and practices, which meets their desires and instincts and is at the same time educative.

From the boys/ girls point of view: Scouting puts them into fraternity gangs, which is their natural organization, whether for games, mischief or loafing, it gives them a smart dress and equipment; it appeals to their imagination and romance; and it engages them in a active, open – air life.

From the parents point of view: Scouting gives physical health and development; it teaches energy, resourcefulness and handicrafts; it puts into the boys and girls discipline, plunk, chivalry and patriotism; in a word – it develops “Character”, which is more essential than anything else to a boy / girl for making his / her way in life.

From the nations point of view: Our aim is solely to make the rising generation into good citizens.
We do not interfere with the boys/ girls religion, of whatever form it may be, though we encourage him/ her to practice whichever he/ she professes.

Individual Character, training in resourcefulness, observation and self-reliance to gain the Scout Badges.
Handicraft, or hobbies which may help a boy / girl to make their way in life, for which we give “Proficiency Badges”.
Physical Health, by encouraging the boy / girl to take plenty of exercise and to look after their body.
Service, such as fire brigade, ambulance, life saving, traffic control or other collective public duty.

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